Techno Services

Techno Offerings is a software program, website, and mobile software development company based away of Kolkata. The company’s merchandise package encompasses a broad variety of products, right from GST computer software to resort software to ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING solutions.

Its flagship system is Orchids, a network of international academic institutions spanning more than two dozen locations in India. The company should provide end-to-end solutions to their clients, including a full-service bunch of technology solutions, maintenance, and educational support. Oddly enough, the company is usually engaged with TPG, a venture capital company with deep budgets.

Another fresh product from your company is usually Let’s Eduvate, an online platform for creating and managing electronic classrooms. Also to a full-service curriculum, the platform offers a range of other features, such as university and campus management software and mobile apps. A third product is the glint Box, a mobile video game oriented activity kit for children.

Among other things, Techno Services was one of the first IT companies to make usage of artificial intelligence to improve its customer service and speed up application. Although the firm is a relatively fresh enterprise, they have grown advances. Now in the fourth month of operation, the company possesses a team of dedicated experts. Even though the firm have not revealed its exact strategies for the future, the organization is certainly looking ahead.

As for the company’s product suite, the most impressive achievements is a mastered full-service collection for over 80 of the country’s leading non-public schools. This kind of aforementioned feat was made feasible through the business proprietary technology platform, making it possible for the company to supply its customers a plethora of providers in a manipulated environment.

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