Its relationship really does well up until Rui decides to getting a chef just after fulfilling her biological dad

Its relationship really does well up until Rui decides to getting a chef just after fulfilling her biological dad

Rui’s step-sis just after the moms and dads install an effective remarriage, even if one another have already identified each other shortly after their one-evening stay, Rui really looking for him in order to ignore how it happened. Its family members will be a mix of sibling-such as for instance means. However after Rui think more than what you off just how she seems regarding the Natsuo, she nonetheless approved the truth that this woman is crazy about your.

When you look at the improvements of her field to be a chef, she grabbed their invite for more information in america to have a season. At the same time, Natsuo had install writer’s block and you will did not give Rui, depending on other women exactly who she failed to know. Feeling damaging to not being able to let and you may calculating each of her or him was indeed burdening one another, Rui made a decision to break up just after far consider, turning their relationship returning to sibling and aunt. However, she still cares greatly getting him.

Immediately following their horrible weeks about functions and you can shedding this lady experience off preference, she in the end recognize how tough and scary is actually living getting Natsuo, when he demands their most and finally she regrets for her decision from separation which have him shedding into the depression and you will guilt.

She got in along with Natsuo as he found The newest York to aid this lady owing to the lady harsh big date. Shortly immediately following, she learned she is actually expecting that have Natsuo’s child. If you’re discover a fuss inside the a household, Natsuo are therefore happier and you will decided to plan relationships.

Unfortuitously, its pleasure while making yet another household members tree are torn aside due to a crash regarding a depressed old boyfriend-journalist. The fresh incident caused Hina to stay coma for decades and inside basic see, Rui learned that Hina got assisted Natsuo a great deal, cracking her cardiovascular system and you will unable to deal with by herself to-be which have Natsuo any more. Once particular persuading to Natsuo, that they had made a decision to keep by themselves due to the fact pair, however couple and you can elevated proper care of its daughter, Haruka safely.

Hina Tachibana [ ]

She actually is Rui’s elder sister. Deep within matchmaking, both jealousy their unique personalities, which have Hina shopping for Rui’s feelings and you may the other way around. They respect one another and you can keep a really good bond as the sisters, and you will be at stake if one of those considered at the end.

Rui would be to basic to learn about Hina’s experience of Natsuo and you will first permit them to getting just before she and Natsuo after became people. She even went much never to share with their current moms and dads regarding the its relationships. But Rui’s time that have Natsuo throughout the highschool provided a great deal more usually getting Rui in order to deal Natsuo out of Hina, actually dare to express into Hina one to its relationships had no matter since they’re unrelated of the bloodstream.

A-year just after Hina had broken up that have Natsuo and Rui turned their, Hina considered heartbroken but overlook it instead. This don’t impede its siblingship because just in case Rui was in trouble, Hina are often lend a hand to help you the woman and cherished her or him both voluntarily. Days later on with Rui managed to go back home out-of Usa, Hina sensed jealousy having Rui was expecting.

Immediately after a crash out of an old boyfriend-journalist towards the him or her lead Hina to settle coma for many years, Rui sure Hina to-be which have Natsuo immediately following reading each of the woman deed whenever Rui wasn’t having Natsuo even after the new short term breakup. Rui capable struck Hina’s doubt by the claiming if the Hina leftover to your not wanting to get married Natsuo, then Rui do. Rui even careful sufficient to go with living separately and then make sure that Haruka, the lady dily statistics by the time she will become adults.

Momo Kashiwabara [ ]

Momo is Rui’s senior high school closest friend and you can fellow former club spouse. The first find was a nice you to however, full of contradictions due to Momo’s determine in school while the good « whore ». Rui failed to know brand new gossip, deciding it absolutely was around her to choose in the event that she wished to spend time together with her; she is, ukraine date indir but not, surprised having Momo’s acknowledgement of obtaining been in multiple relationships. Momo very first unaware of Rui’s thoughts to own Natsuo, however, she cheered on her just after Natsuo got made a decision to become which have Rui. Initially tough, however, after the girl junior confident the lady, she cheered Rui most useful.

Miu Ashihara [ ]

Miu is Rui’s other clubmate and you may other second seasons. Rui earliest idea of her since a competition into Natsuo, however, Miu turned out having a-one-sided fascination with their club advisor and you can professor, Reiji Kiriya.

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